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The Only Dead Blow Bossing Mallet Around

Proven to Cut Your Metal Shaping Work Time in Half

Trusty-Cook’s durable soft face bossing mallets will shape metal without leaving a mark. Polyurethane hot casting over a welded steel handle and shot-filled canister gives maximum striking power, providing no-bounce action. Experience less bounce and reduced fatigue with the best hammers — period.

Best use for

  • Marine & watercraft mechanics
  • Aircraft mechanics & maintenance
  • Body shops
  • Metal fabricators

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The Quality Story

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  • Out of stock
    With 3 lbs of pure hot-cast polyurethane and steel shot durability, this dead blow bossing mallet will shape metal with maximum striking power. No mark, no spark action makes this mallet great for aircraft maintenance, auto repair, and metal fabrication. **Free UPS ground shipping to lower 48 on Internet orders of more than $150**
  • Out of stock
    If you're working with metal, make sure you stock your shop with this polyurethane bossing mallet. From mechanics to metal fabricators, this mallet will get your toughest jobs done without leaving a mark.
  • Out of stock
    Looking to shape metal without leaving a mark? Our 1.5 lb bossing mallet provides no-bounce dead blow action, making it the popular choice for marine, watercraft, and aircraft mechanics, body shop workers, and metal fabricators. **Free UPS ground shipping to lower 48 on Internet orders of more than $150**