A Hammer for Every Job

Ball Peen

A machinist’s best friend – our ball peen hammers provide the same dead-blow durability and striking force as any other hammer, but feature a steel face at each end for shaping, expanding, and setting roves and rivets. Perfect for flattening, shaping, and removing dents from metal – you’ll understand why this hammer has earned the title of ultimate machinist hammer. Reengineered with threadless construction, our ball peen hammers are guaranteed to have easier control, less fatigue, and no reverberation due to impact.

Common Uses:  Machinist, Auto Mechanics, Construction


Bossing Mallets

Shape metal without leaving a mark! Our bossing mallets feature a steel rod handle and shot-filled canister encased in Trusty Cook’s proprietary, hot cast polyurethane which resists chipping and marking of the striking surface. Built with head profiles ideal for metal shaping, you’ll see why these bossing mallets have quickly become a fan favorite over plastic or steel mallets. Experience no-bounce action, maximum striking power, and reduced fatigue with the best hammers.

Common Uses:  Metal Fabricators, Aircraft Mechanics, Watercraft Mechanics, Auto Mechanics


Sledge Hammers

The “jack-of-all-trades” hammer – our soft face sledge hammers have welded steel handles and shot-filled canisters for maximum power with less striking effort. With no exposed metal on the face, head, or shaft – Trusty Cook sledge hammers are non sparking hammers. Our proprietary polyurethane casting provides less bounce, reduced surface damage, and easier grip for a more balanced swing and accurate striking ability.

Common Uses:  Construction, Firefighters, Mechanics, Metal Fabricators, Oil Pipeline Work


Slimline Hammers

From those hard to reach, confined areas to assembly and repair applications, our slimline hammers offer a unique profile perfect for a multitude of uses. Made from our proprietary hot-cast polyurethane formula, Trusty Cook slimline hammers feature shot-filled canisters that offer less bounce and resistance, sustained impact, and maximum striking force for long-lasting durability. The hammer you didn’t think you needed, but can’t live without.

Common Uses:  Mechanics, Metal Fabricators, Machinists, Construction


Standard Hammers

Calling DIY-ers, professional tradespeople, and everyone in between – our standard hammers are built to last and won’t let you down on your next project. With a soft face and contoured grip, you’ll notice a balanced swing with maximum striking power. Featuring the proprietary Trusty Cook hot-case polyurethane formula, our standard hammers maximum power, reduced fatigue, and shorter work time.

Common Uses:  Construction, Mechanics, Metal Fabricators, Machinists, Oil Pipeline Work



Need a mix of hammers to get the job done?

Try our dead blow hammer multipacks – stocked with a mix of best-selling slimline, ball peen, bossing mallet, sledge, and standard models. Varying by type, weight, and application, each multipack is priced with an exclusive pack discount and trade approved by our very own customers. From heavy machinery to woodworking, make sure you choose only the best – Trusty Cook.

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