Trusty-Cook is a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of industrial urethane products, and has remained at the cutting edge of product development for over 30 years. With an innovative spirit and pride in workmanship, we engineer products to exceed the demands of ever-changing technologies so our customers get exactly what they need: the best products for their applications — period.



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Before we had these spindle liners, we had a big issue with vibrations and we couldn’t get a nice finish on the parts. We were only able to turn at 1800 RPMs (the machine is capable of close to 5000), so we really weren’t utilizing the machine as much as we could have before Trusty-Cook.
Ian Kinzler, CNC Programmer
Reworking these pieces was becoming expensive and time-consuming. The company that made the machine didn’t have any answers, so really, there was no place else to turn. Trusty-Cook has been as good as gold, and I’m not shy about telling people.
Eddie Trotta, Thunder Cycle Designs
We found out that Trusty-Cook is the actual manufacturer for each of the hammers [Armstrong, Snap On, Estwing] in this test. Besides saving some cash by not paying for the big name brand, we also got proven technology with the steel shot canister, one-piece polyurethane construction, and a canister and rod that are welded together for incredible strength. It’s hard to go wrong with a tool made by Americans who design and build it for nearly everyone in the industry.
Review, Truckin Magazine
Our customers expect only the highest quality,most intricately designed parts on our custom bikes. Trusty-Cook liners allow us to machine these complex parts to meet my standards at speeds that keep up with part demand.
Eddie Trotta, Thunder Cycle Designs


Our recognition as a leader in industrial polyurethane products starts with our commitment to developing strong relationships with distributor partners. We provide Trusty-Cook branded or privately labeled dead blow hammers to stocking distributors, non-stocking distributors, and GSA suppliers. Our polyurethane products are trusted by the industry’s top OEM machine tool manufacturers, cutting tool distributors, machine rebuilders, accessory suppliers, and more.

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