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The Leader in Polyurethane Tools and Industrial Products
Since 1984, Trusty-Cook has been an innovator and leader in the polyurethane product industry. Trusty-Cook, Inc. has combined state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with years of leadership to offer our customers a full line of polyurethane tools and industrial products.

Initially, Trusty-Cook, Inc., invented and developed the original line of polyurethane Dead Blow Hammers. Over the years, we expanded our hammer model line-up to include Dead Blow Sledgehammers, Ball Pein Hammers, Bossing Mallets and Slimline Dead Blow Hammers. Due to our commitment to quality and manufacturing efficiency, our innovation has been put to work developing private branding relationships with companies such as Estwing Tools, Armstrong Tools, Cornwell Tools, Matco Tools, Snap-On Tools and SK Tools. In addition, we continue to deliver our Dead Blow Hammers to the industrial and retail market under the Trusty-Cook and Trusty Hammers brands.

Seeing numerous opportunities to expand on the durability and cost-effectiveness of polyurethane technology, Trusty-Cook, Inc. has expanded their product line to become a leader in the design and manufacturing of Spindle Liners, Hush Tubes, Wear Shoes and Custom Products.
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